FAQs for Residents

Below are our Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the staff like?

Friendly, caring and professional.

Who else will live with me?

People with similar abilities to yourself.

Is the food good?

Yes, we pride ourselves on home-cooked meals that are (nearly) as good as you’d have back at home.

What about transport?

Each house on the main site has its own people carrier for service users and relatives when they visit, if required. Some residents also use taxis and have named drivers who assist them.

Will I have a key worker?

Yes. Shortly after you arrive you will be assigned one. Once you have settled in you can change if you want to.

Can I go home to parents?

Yes, whenever you want.

Can parents and friends visit?

Yes, whenever you want.

Are the homes mixed sex?

We have both, but we always group according to compatibility, not gender.

I’ve got lots more questions

Contact us and we’ll do our best to answer them.