As part of our wider goal of integrating each service user as much as possible within the community, we take every available opportunity to make use of local facilities and attend events.

These typically include the always popular pub visits, attending local clubs and societies and ‘retail therapy’. There are also a number of leisure pursuits available for service users on a regular basis, such as:

  • Cinema
  • Swimming
  • Concerts
  • Horse riding
  • Discos
  • Fitness classes
  • Scuba diving
  • Walking
  • Gardening

We also have a variety of in-house activities to supplement those in the community, including arts and crafts, music and dedicated sensory areas. In addition, we offer a number of seasonal activities that are weather dependent.

Two of our residents exemplify the active lifestyles we encourage and enable, but have contrasting circumstances. One resident, is one of the most independent and able-bodied of our service users and is out of the house most days at activities, including singing, arts crafts and scuba diving. another, has spina bifida, a condition where the spine does not develop properly. While her condition does limit the activities she can participate in, she relishes the freedom her home gives her and enjoys socialising with friends at the pub, volunteering.