How We Help

Our aim is simple: to maximise residents’ quality of life, wellbeing and opportunities.

Think about the factors every one of us requires for a fulfilling, dignified, happy life:

  • Secure, comfortable housing
  • Good health and medical/therapeutic care when needed
  • A stimulating social life and interaction with others
  • A sense of community and good neighbours
  • Education and skills development
  • Active, productive days
  • The pursuit of interests and leisure activities
  • Confidence
  • Exercise and a decent diet

Our service users are no different. Typically young adults of 18 or over with learning difficulties and/or visually impaired, they are given the chance to move to the next stage of their lives as they reach the point where they hanker for greater independence.

We help them achieve their potential by challenging and stretching them with a varied programme of residential training and development options as well as ‘real life’ activities outside our homes.

We mentor and encourage service users and never patronise them. Highly trained carers teach residents that, while their disabilities are obstacles, they are not insurmountable barriers and should never stop them from achieving anything they set their minds to. For just a glimpse of the remarkable people residing at Homes Together, read the profiles of service users Fiona and Nat.

Pastoral care and counselling are constantly available, and we have access to first-class medical facilities and therapies nearby. Healthy living is encouraged, with many opportunities for exercise complementing excellent, nutritious meals.

With this in mind, we tasked a nutrition consultant to look at all aspects of our menus. This saw an audit of staff knowledge, which led to a comprehensive training programme. Greeted with universally high approval ratings, the review boosted knowledge and enthusiasm for nutritious meals and instilled practical abilities and confidence for their preparation.

Our homes are happy places, where staff and residents treat each other with respect in a caring, challenging environment that incubates and nurtures developmental leaps and accomplishment.
Hear from some of our staff on the Meet the Team page.