Regular activities foster community spirit at Homes Together

Activity space at Caxton Lodge

Posted on 30th March 2015

Homes Together has launched regular arts, crafts and creative activities sessions designed to cater to the individual needs of service users across all of its care homes.

Originally set up by Homes Together activities coordinator Sue Carter, the sessions give service users the opportunity to take part in a range of activities – from model-making to playing musical instruments.

The sessions, which happen a few times a week, enable service users to regularly see friends who may live in other Homes Together properties. Activities are always developed around requests from participants about what they would like to do, rather than a rigid, pre-set programme.

Groups are decided based on ability at the particular task, so individuals can feel comfortable with going at a similar rate to their peers.

Beth, a fellow activities coordinator, said: “Running these sessions is an absolute pleasure as it is clear how much our residents love taking part. There is a real buzz about the place during our activities, which I think mirrors the fantastic community feeling at Homes Together generally.”

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